Q : I can't find a reference to the part number I'm looking for?

R : Although we work on our catalog daily, it is possible in certain cases that your search is not successful, in which case contact us 1-866-471-8679

Q : Let us find all your products in your catalog?

R : Unfortunately and fortunately no! Currently you will find more than 80,000 SKUs in our catalog and concretely this 80,000 SKU represents only the tip of the iceberg of products available at Dynamo.


Q : How do I make sure you have received my order?

R : You will receive a confirmation by email

Q : I made a mistake... can we cancel or modify our order?

R : Yes please call us without delay

Q : I received my order but my customer no longer wants it?

R : Call us to obtain a returns number and simply return the unit in its original box (the product must not have been installed) no transport costs are refunded. If the product does part of a special order it will be considered final sale. DO NOT RETURN THE COLLECTED PRODUCT IT WILL BE REFUSED

Q : You are out of stock for a product that I want to order, do we absolutely have to wait for your next receipt from your supplier or can you provide it to me more quickly?

R : Yes. In most cases, however, additional charges may apply.


Q : The site does not display prices?

R : To see a price, you must have a login and password. You can request it in Create an account now (FOR MERCHANT ONLY)

Q : I would like to purchase a product in large quantities. How can we get a quote on our quantity?

R : Contact US

Delivery / shipments

Q : Where do you ship?

R : In all major Canadian cities

Q : Are shipping costs included in my displayed price?

R : Unless otherwise stated, delivery costs are not included in the prices displayed.

Q : How do I know how much shipping costs will cost me?

R : The final cost of a shipment is calculated according to the weight and size of the package. When ordering you can leave a note that we will remind you to confirm the costs before sending.

Q : Can we transfer a product from one branch to another?

R : Yes and at no cost! If the package is part of one of our regular transfers, on the other hand if we have to send you the product urgently transport costs could be added.

Q : Can we order by phone at one location and pick up at another?

R : Yes of course

Q : Which carriers do you use?

R : We mainly use Dicom and Purolator for regular shipments as well as Gojit and Day & Ross for pallet shipments.

Q : Can you deliver by plane to regions in the far north such as KuuJJuaq?

R : Yes we provide this service. In most cases, it is up to the customer to make all arrangements with the carrier. (Additional delivery charges apply).

Q : What about urgent delivery by bus?

R : We can take your package to a bus transport depot (additional delivery charges apply)

Q : What are the delivery times?

R : For large cities in Quebec, we estimate a lead time of 24 hours for products in stock. Please note that we are not responsible for delays caused by the carrier.

Q : Can I use the transport of my choice or use my personal account?

R : Of course ! You can specify the transport to use of your choice when ordering or simply inform us by email and the note will be entered in your file.


Q : Are the remanufactured products you sell made at home?

R : Of course ! 100% of the products sold as remanufactured by Atelier Dynamo are made at our Terrebonne branch. Unlike some of our competitors who simply buy from a third party and simply repackage the product, products sold as remanufactured by Atelier Dynamo really are! Here we keep total control over the quality of the products.

Q : I would like to be sure that you remanufactured MY alternator or starter and not another?

R : No problem! It is certain that we must make an estimate of your part and that in certain cases we will need additional time, but yes it is possible!

Q : My vehicle is very old and even antique, will you be able to remanufacture it?

R : In 99% of cases yes! We are proud to be able to give as an example one of our customers who brought us his generator for a 1917 Pierce Arrow limousine

Q : We have a vehicle that has been heavily modified and our electrical needs are too great. Can you help us?

R : Yes! I could even say that it is a strength of Atelier Dynamo to find a part that can meet your needs, plus we can offer you complete technical support for its installation.


Q : Is Atelier Dynamo just a virtual store like eBay?

R : Absolutely not! We were here long before the internet. !!! We invite you to come visit us at any time and you will be able to see it.

Q : I am not a trader but I would like to buy a part from you, is this possible?

R : Yes of course. To do this you must contact our customer service at 1-866-471-8679. No purchases without an account can be made on the website


Q : In my opinion, my purchased part would be defective. How can I make sure of this?

R : Please contact our technical support first. We have a team of highly qualified people who are ready to help you at all times. Make the most of it!

Q : How can we return a defective part?

R : Contact our customer service. A form must be completed indicating your company name, contact person and a brief explanation of your reason for return (1 to 2 lines). A once received, we will contact you with your RMA. DO NOT RETURN THE COLLECTED PRODUCT IT WILL BE REFUSED

Q : My customer expects a quick response regarding the defective returned part. How long will I wait before I get a response from your warranty department?

R : We were working very hard to shorten the deadlines and we understand the situation very well. If a very quick response is required, Please write it clearly on your form and we will treat it as a priority

Q : What happens to my part returned for warranty if after verification it is good?

R : If the unit is tested and meets the manufacturer's standards it will be returned to you at your expense!